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Well here is a family photo like no other with a story that is as unique as the photo itself! Back in 2009 we were visiting our family in Duncan and walking around the farmer's market when we saw the Giggles for the first time. Conor then two instantly fell in love with a blue Giggle that he named Scoobie. 

In 2010 we moved from Edmonton back to Vancouver Island to be close to our family. The big part of this story is Conor and his struggled with speech skills. He had to work hard to be understood which as you can imagine is frustrating when you are trying to connect with others. But lucky for him Scoobie did not have the same struggle, he was able help Conor be understood by others and more important gave him confidence. Fast forward to 2018 Conor needed an adult size Giggle as Scoobie was getting too small and he had a performance to put on at his school. We  found the Giggle website and made a road trip to see Catherine, Paul, and the Giggles at their Naniamo workshop. There we met great people that felt like old friends, but sadly Catherine and Paul said they were going to retire soon which meant all their Giggles needed to be adopted. So of course we love Give a Little Giggle and what it meant to our family so much that we had to adopt all the Giggles and continue Catherine and Paul's legacy of  building a Giggley Community that spreads joy around                      the world one Giggle at a time.


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